FHIR RDF Playground

This playground is for experimenting with converting FHIR JSON to FHIR RDF, both for the R4 (current) version and the R5 (proposed) version. It is based on the awesome JSON-LD Playground.

DO NOT use this playground for processing Protected Health Information (PHI). Although it may be safe to do so, because this playground runs in the browser, as of this writing this playground has not been vetted for use with PHI.
  1. Paste your FHIR JSON into the top text box below, or click one of the example tabs to load a predefined example.
  2. Click the "Generate JSON-LD" button, which converts your FHIR JSON into JSON-LD and displays it in the second text box below.
  3. Click the "Turtle" tab, to have Turtle displayed in the third text box below, or choose a different tab for a different format.

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NOTE: A remote context that is not known to be fully working yet was detected in your input. If you wish, you can use an alternative context created by the JSON-LD community to process your document nevertheless.

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